My Greek kitty crew

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take three...

Four months has passed by since my last blog post - and I can't really believe this post is about the same subject matter as the last - and the one before that! But, here I am once again with a heartfelt request for a safe and loving forever home for the young ginger girly trio. A some point there was the hope and promise of them finding homes in Germany (a fosterer stepped forward) but for unknown reasons the communication came to a stop - and I deliberately left the process for a while and let the girls enjoy their summer. But, they now share the same small space as they've always had with many other cats (this summer I've had to move the cats into a smaller space) and to be honest - it's like their loveliness just drowns among the crowd and they aren't especially happy to be sharing their space with all the other cats. Also it's impossible for me to give them the quality attention they once had with my former helper living with them... and they just simply deserve better - and it's distressing for me that I can't do more and better for them.

They are incredibly harmonious and... I wish the word wasn't so used, but they're just so lovely. They still have a thick bond between them, but Honey has grown to be quite an independent little lady in spite of being the smallest of the three. She was the first ever to just walk up to one of the bigger cats - with a confident stride!

She boldly goes into new territory and loves exploring. I have always thought they belonged together but if any of them has the potential for individual adoption, it would be Honey. She loves her sisters dearly but she has always been happy to go exploring on her own whilst Buttercup and Daisy tend to do it together. Also Buttercup and Daisy still snuggle and groom together... with Honey it's more of a rarity.

But... to fully understand Honey and to be a good forever parent for Honey, you need to understand that she has two faces... or two sides if you like. Whilst she has the stride and confidence of a cat three times her size (she only weighs 2,6 kg or just under 5 pounds and this is now her fully grown size, so she is physically quite small) and whilst she likes to portray her confident 'jungle queen self' - she also has a very great need for cuddles and for being carried around and being snuggled tightly. She loves bedtime and will happily keep you company all night long. Honey is very social and should not be left to herself for longer periods of time. She relies on company and is quite confident in the company of strangers (humans that is). But in spite of her bold demeanor, she also has a very little side to herself - her other self should just be called Baby! Her coloring is a little different to her two sisters - Honey is a 'cream ginger'.

And then there's her sister Buttercup...

Buttercup is a cute chatterer and she will tell you sweet fairy stories all the time if you will but listen... Oh, she has so many stories to tell. And she likes to jump 'out of the blue' and play 'gotcha'!! with her soft padded paws.

She has the sweetest coy nature and very beautiful drawings...

- and she is oh so dainty. She prettifies any place she chooses to place herself!

And last but not least... darling Daisy.

 Daisy is sweet, mild and tender...

- playful and mellow. She is very affectionate and a real leg-rubber.

Daisy and Buttercup are quite similar by nature and temperament - Daisy can also be sweetly vocal with her voice. There's not a mean bone in any of the three, but Daisy is especially gentle. She has a very gentle face.

Here it's Daisy and Buttercup on one of their little explorations together. Looks like Daisy found something in the earth that didn't quite taste as expected!

I estimate they are born around the 1st of September 2013 as they were found discarded a dumpster during the last week of September last year. Just about 3 weeks old.

All three are now prepped for international adoption - each have rabies vaccination and microchip. Now we just wait for someone who would like to offer them a lasting and very loving home. If you are interested, can help or otherwise, please leave a comment here or drop me a line at

I'm very interested in anyone who knows something about prices of cats travelling both as cargo and in the cabin internationally. I would very much like to store up some knowledge of the different countries and their requirements. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP - IN ANY WAY!!!