My Greek kitty crew

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pidge on the mend

Here's dear Pidge - he returned home three days ago (after one week at the vet). 
I've been a bit tentative writing about his recovery as he's been in a real bad state. He is a very lucky boy to be back home. The image above is Pidge just quietly getting his bearings again back home... When he arrived home he was greeted by his siblings Callie and Kit - and mommy cat Cleo. 

Here's a snapshot from today - Pidge on the mend and among his other "brothers" (Pidge is far left). Here he is in the company of (right to left) Pesto, Edison and Felix. The boys are enjoying the balmy sunny rays of sunshine on a covered terrace - the stones in the wall actually retains the warmth, so it's one of their favourite places in winter time. 

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and encouraging words and for keeping Pidge in your thoughts. And THANK YOU to those of you who donated towards Pidge's vet bill. Your support has been so incredibly warming. We feel so very blessed to have your kind support.