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Thursday, October 17, 2013

You cannot do a kindness too soon...

I'm so touched by this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson...

"You cannot do a kindness too soon for you never know how soon it will be too late."

Therefore it was chosen to adorn the back of this years - shall we call them - towards the end of the year cards. A tradition which I'm delighted to announce we've now stuck to for three years. 

I know we have only finished a round of collecting funds for the three ginger girls (which you might have read about in the last post) and we were delighted at all the goodwill in sharing and of course the warming donations we received. Right now we are trying to get these little beauties a lasting home together in the UK... you will be updated on their progress. Right now they are thriving in Rebecca's loving care. 

But the work we do is unending and our next project is neutering. So here we are again this year with a small batch of cards with a selection of images - telling a combined story of what we do. A perfect greeting card (and of beautiful quality) for anyone who loves and appreciates work done to improve the lives of cats. 

  • As always just send me an email with the letter of the card you want and how many you want. Send to
  • The price for each card is $5/€3,50/30,- Danish kroner (includes postage). Each card is sealed in a cellophane sleeve. 
  • Please pay by going to the Paypal donation button on the right hand side of this post. In case you get the Paypal site in Danish, the first line simply asks the purpose of your  payment - please enter "support for cats." 
  • If you don't have a Paypal account you can simply pay with your credit card via this button. 
  • If the link via the button for some reason should't work you can make your payment directly to our Paypal account
  • You can also pay directly into my Greek or Danish bank account - simply drop me a line for this option.
  • Contact me:
  • Availabilty: I will keep this updated as the cards sell. 



These first four images are of some of the feral kittens which we've helped through their first difficult weeks of life (we treated them for eye bad infections, fleas & worms). 





Our well known mascot Benji. A poorly dumpster cat in his early life - now the most stunning and kind cat you could ever meet.

Olive is one of our more less known but good-looking (oh yes he is!!) and majorly charming characters who's been with us ever since the beginning. He was dropped off by a desperate kitty mom and he sat just 6 weeks old crying pitifully (with a respiratory infection) every evening until my heart couldn't stand it anymore and I grabbed him to safety. He was a feral kitten but he knew he had to get himself saved! Later kitty mom realised this was a good place so she came for good as well. 


Our little warrior Snowy. You might remember Snowy. He had an extremely difficult beginning to life. He had the absolute worst respiratory problem stemming from a bad flu he suffered when he was rescued. We actually had him in confinement for 5 months before his lungs had healed and grown enough for him to be able to even play without going into an asthmatic attack at the slightest movement. This picture will say more to us than to many but it has great significance because it is taken at a time where Snowy once again where able to move and play outside and it speaks volumes about what some of our rescued cats have overcome. Understandably it's taken Snowy a while to get socialised but today he adores people and all his friends - and loves to entertain in a way that makes you smile!


And finally my lost but forever beloved Elvis, who was an at distance family member. 
Elvis will always represent all the cats that we care for at distance, which we love just as much, but simply haven't been able to rescue due to our physical limits. I think Rebecca will join me when I say that our hearts are really broken into hundreds of little pieces spread around this Greek island. Many cats go unnoticed to humans but they've left a deep imprint on our hearts and souls. Elvis was part of a small colony of "dumpster" cats which we've fed for the last three years and continue to do so every morning and evening. 

As always, thanks for helping us making life just a little better for Greek cats. We take great pride in the work we do and your warmth, support and encouragement means the world to us!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SOS from the rubbish bin

So we've done something we haven't done in a real long time - simply because we are now 40 + cats (new ones appear out of nowhere and simply won't leave) and our place is crowded out.
It's an inhumane thing - having to override ones instinct and having to turn away when you see a cat in need. Because we have NO-where to turn when we find a cat in need (even young kittens) we have been forced to just keep an eye on it from a distance and deem it fit enough for it's survival - if it doesn't have any obvious disease or distress.
But whilst I have been away, Rebecca got presented with the absolute impossible to ignore predicament... a beautiful little bunch of three 4 week old kittens - ruthlessly discarded in the field where we daily feed 8-10 stray cats. People have taken note that cats are being fed there and they obviously thought this would be the ideal place for these teensy toffees to learn to fend for themselves. Yes, say ??? 
Rebecca was in agony over these kittens because of our policy that we couldn't take more in, so she left an old padded bin, which would at least keep them warm and dry - and then she came back to feed and check on them. She kept them there for a week (and had an week of sleepless nights wondering about their safety) as there was no one else who would take them. That's until she broke the news to me and I came to "inspect" the predicament. I knew in advance that there was no choice. I knew from the weather forecast that we were expecting the first torrential rain of the year (well, since early spring) and it's no lie to say that these three guys would have drowned yesterday morning had they not been rescued to safety the day before. We had a few hours yesterday morning where stepping outside the door was like stepping into a bathtub... with thunder, lightning and strong winds. We both felt an enormous relief at knowing they were safe - instantly thriving under Rebecca's caring hands. A tragic situation of them being separated from the warmth and care and nourishment from kitty mom (and the heartache kitty mom must have felt at someone removing them from her) has been turned into a blissful rescue where they are safe and warm, cuddled and cared for and well fed. They have acted exemplary, instantly using the little toilet provided for them and they instantly acted as if they knew their new home inside out. I pointed out to Rebecca that yes, they did indeed know this place already, because that's where they'd lived in Rebecca's mind for an entire week in her heart and mind!! I'm amazed that she lasted that long before scooping them up and bringing them to safety.
BUT... we really seriously cannot keep them. It's been a principle of ours that we wouldn't compromise the health and well-being of the cats we've rescued already, so we did this rescue with blind faith, believing that this good deed would attract the help of willing angels. We are therefore putting out this plea which is both to find them a new home but also if anyone is able to contribute towards their first vaccinations and then their passports (which will include rabies vaccination and microchip) making it possible for them to travel abroad for a better life.
And if you would please help us by sharing their story on all your social media - thank you so so much in advance. On behalf of Buttercup, Goldie and Bouncer (Bouncer is the little creamy colored one at the back in the image below. As you can see, they are absolutely beautiful and just waiting for a safe and loving forever home.

 Hello kind people - would you like to help in making a future possible for us?

I'm the cheeky Bouncer...
I'm the beautiful Buttercup...
 - and I'm the slightly more shy Goldie...

We are very happy to be in a safe and warm place where we can just be kittens again and not have to worry about being out in the big bad world without our mom...
This could have been our fate... in a barren field left to fend for ourselves.

But we are again able to just be goofy kittens, and believe us we are... very goofy!!
Thank you for reading our story - we hope you will share it with all your friends.
If you want to leave a little donation for us, please use the Paypal button in the top right hand corner on this page and please remember to tick it as a gift (that way we avoid fees If you've got problems with that link our Paypal address is
P.s. In that top image it's Buttercup who's braved it out of the rubbish bin where we lived all on our own for an entire week. We think we are very very lucky!