My Greek kitty crew

Monday, June 3, 2013

It could happen...

Kind gestures and beautiful acts of kindness happens via Facebook and the blogger world so therefore I'm posting this plea for a travel comanion for this beautiful ginger and blind cat from the Greek island of Naxos (one of our neighboring islands). His name is Rocco and he is so unbelievably lucky to have found a new home, life and family in Oslo, Norway - far away from the merciless life on the streets of a Greek island.

So if you for some inexplicable reason happen to know someone who knows someone - who happens to be traveling from Naxos to Oslo - and who would be willing to carry and bring Rocco to the airport in Oslo, please contact Naxos Cats (NAWS) hotline +30 69 56 133 929 or send an email to

Thanks so much!