My Greek kitty crew

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The convenient "problem solving"

A very dear cat friend of mine (pictured in the second image in this Christmas post) emailed me the story about this ginger kitty family a few days ago. 

Do you remember the story of Rosie and Rufus being rescued from a small town park? Well, a few days ago a woman (who now feeds these park cats every day) found two tiny kittens abandoned in the park. Sadly one had already died but the other was rescued and brought to safety. It seemed someone had just conveniently dropped the "problem" in this park. Unbelievably this cruel "problem solving" repeated itself the very next day. Three tiny ginger kittens abandoned in the exact same spot. The woman who feed the cats picked up these little babies and immediately brought them to a spot where she knew she could find my cat friend and her husband. They managed to get hold of a transport box and they then set off home to bring these now orphaned and desperately crying kittens to safety. 

On their way up through town and up the steps to where they live (Greek houses all clustered together high up on a hill) a miracle suddenly happens. A cat starts following them and acts all frantically and insistent. Yes, unbelievably and miraculously it turns out to be kitty mom who's obviously desperately been looking for her babies and by an absolute strike of luck she now accidentally happens to be reunited with her babies again. 

My dear friends then brought this entire little family home to safety where they could all enjoy the blissful  reunion. As you can see in this above image everyone was very happy. 

For the moment a very happy family but these precious babies are all looking to be adopted. My dear cat friends unfortunately have to go back to their country of origin for the moment, so they will be placing this beautiful ginger family with a woman who is already way above the number of cats she can handle (and sadly we just can't responsibly take more... we're already looking to possible homing the kittens from my last post). We're absolutely inundated with cats and kittens looking for homes and this is sadly also the reason for why some people mercilessly choose to discard "the problem" they way they do. Thinking that tiny kittens like these can fend for themselves dumped in a town park. 

So, to repeat myself from my last post, if anyone wants to give these Greek kittens a fighting chance and wants to spread the word of them looking for a forever loving home - please share the news (and on Facebook). Thanks so much!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

She had it coming

We have joked and laughed about it, been anxiously anticipating it and had serious talks about it - but of course she had it coming. Rebecca (my terrific kitty assistant) had to at some point come across her own little kittens that she would want to rescue.

I've known for a long time now that I needed to do the responsible thing, which is to not take on further rescues. The 35 kitties that I have rescued now need a certain quality of life, and it is difficult already as it is to cover their basic maintenance (if I include basic things such as monthly flea and worm treatment). We get through approx. 100 kg of kibble/wet food each month (including the group of dumpster cats that we feed too), so yes... the "kitty rescue honey moon" sadly is not unending for us. But that said, I do want Rebecca to have her very own rescue experience. That very special feeling of rescuing a cat or a kitten and that very special bond that it creates.

She's bee eyeing up various "potentials" and right now this little fluff ball has got her tucking her heart strings. A little brown and blue eyed beauty that just happens to be born into a small colony of cats,living on a hillside behind the old Venetian part of town.

Rebecca felt this one was a match because of the unusual blue eye (Rebecca has eyes bluer than blue!) and it's a little rock climber - so's Rebecca!

The little rock climber...

Little rock climbers sibling... yes, in need of some treatment for his or her blue eye. And yes, of course this one would need rescuing too. Anyone out there ready to adopt???

Blue eyed mamma kitty... isn't this rather unusual in a non pedigree cat??

And "big" rock climber (Rebecca) trying to make friends with the little ones (a difficult task with all the hungry adults around). 

The adult cats are fast when there's good kibble around. 

Proof that the task is unending. Whilst Rebecca spent time trying to get close to the blue eyed kittens I discovered these barely standing kittens in some shaded area... they belong to the tortoise colored cat in the above image (to the left). 

The adorable blue eyed kittens having at last gotten hold of some of the good kitten kibble (meant for them of course!).

And it appears that it went down very well... licking their mouthes in stereo. 

We will keep you posted about these little guys... So difficult because of the obvious attraction to the pretty one, but who wouldn't also want to rescue the other more poorly looking one?! And yes, what about those little black and white kitties?? Fortunately we have been informed that all of these cats are fed by an elderly gent twice every day, so they are not suffering. But that doesn't mean that you would want for them all to sleep on a soft bed!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kitchen window gazing

So April came and went - first time since i started my blog that I've gone an entire month without posting. Due to a spell of bad health and my body crying for my attention. Was hospitalised for a few days and recovering for many more. Still taking it easy and quietly enjoying all the furry healers around. Whilst I was recovering I spent many days in a comfy armchair with my feet up. And each day I was literally plastered with willing healers - it was as if they were fighting for space around me and it truly made me smile. They're giving back!

One day I observed Rufus and Fey kitchen window gazing and I just had to capture their lovely profiles and the Greek blue sky reflected in their eyes.

At the moment things are balancing out around here. We've reached a total of 35 cats some months back, and we simply can't house more. It would lessen the quality of life of the ones rescued already if we took on more. And it's a huge challenge... there's always a cat in need around here and in a few weeks from now there will be little "toffees" (aka tiny kittens) to be found everywhere. One of the dumpster cats we feed have just given birth about four weeks ago - and we know where she will bring her little ones to search for food! Yes, oh dear!!

Did you catch Fey's darling profile under Rufus' chin?! She's quite a shy cat so she feels safe in Rufus' confident company. 

I hope you are all well... thanks so much for stopping by.