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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cookie & Co.

This is Cookie a few days ago. Just four weeks and a miracle later - with perfect eyesight in both eyes!!

And a reminder of how Cookie looked the day I found her.

It was very questionable what would become of her eyes. We left the vet with the message that maybe the left eye could be saved (there really wasn't much in there behind the grunge!).

But we persisted with camomille washes and antibiotic eye-cream and it appeared already after two weeks that she might actually have eyesight on both eyes.

After three weeks Cookie was flashing her perfect eyes before the enamoured photographer...

 - and again a few days ago  - Cookie with perfect eyes and an utterly CHARMING personality. 

But of course there was also the promised story of Cookie's brother Biscuit (thank you Sandra for helping with the name). 

Three days after Cookie was rescued from the side of a road, I spotted what I am convinced is Cookie's mother and two kittens - also with eye problems. One ginger kitten completely blind and one "latte"-tabby - partly blind. The story began to add up to me that someone had dumped their "problem" (kitty mum with three seemingly blind kittens) at the side of the road. I've fed dumpster cats in this particular spot for two years and have never seen this little kitty mum before. Kitty mum appeared confused over her location. She was very cuddly and wearing a collar - not much more that 6-8 months old herself and therefore not at all ready to have kittens. I felt in a huge predicament not really having the physical space to handle more cats - really not! But, to cut a long story short, I entually brought Biscuit home after a trip to the vet (ginger kitten never having reappeared).  At this point I had to leave kitty mum behind to see if ginger kitten was still around. I only saw him once and therefore didn't know if he was hiding in the bushes. Unfortunaly a few days later it appeared that he had somehow perished and her milk was beginning to dry up. At this point I also scooped up kitty mum. Her longhaired fur coat had just gotten more and more messy and it was obvious she was not in familiar territory. Cookie recognised both her brother and mother after 8 and 10 days - independently of each other. Kitty mum is not interested in providing milk but she preens both of them vigorously. Anyhow... back to Biscuit's progress...

Biscuit's blind and horribly swollen and infected eye has shrunk and retreated back into the eye socket. He has an ulcer on the other eye but for sure has some sight in it and he is now a very happy little boy. He's gotten rid of fleas and worms and now has a shiny little fur coat

He loves playing with sis and she loves testing her strength with him. She is somewhat smaller but nonetheless feisty!!

Biscuit blissed out after food and play - no longer needing to retreat behind a rock by the side of the road for his sleep (where I would always find him on his own).

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I didn't forget...

A: Laundry Line

 Sorry if you've visited in vain over the last few days. I did promise I'd be back within 24 hours with news of my next fundraising project. BUT... of course the delay is due to a cat story - Cookie's brother (I'm 99% certain it's her brother). More about that in my next post!

But I'll delay no more and give you the specifics of the fundrasing project in case you would like to partake.
 B: Francis of Assisi

Recently I've shared some of my watercolor artwork on these pages. Many of you expressed a wish to buy  these and I'm deligthed to announce that five of the images are now ready for sale as cards. 

C: Thank you!

Card facts: 
  • They are high quality cards printed on thick 350gsm, FSC credited paper stock. 
  • They've got a light satin coating on the outside and the inside is left uncoated (and blank), making it easier to write your message. 
  • Card dimensions: 4.13" x 5.82" or 105mm x 148mm. 
  • Each card comes with a white quality envelope. 
  • There's a very limited number of each card (5 of each) - so hurry if you are set on one of the cards! But don't despair - another set of 5 will be arriving within a few weeks.  
  • UPDATE: With the next lot of cards I will receive next week, there's now a total of:
  • Laundry line: SOLD OUT!
  • Francis of Assisi: SOLD OUT!
  • Thank you! SOLD OUT!
  • Creative girl: 3
  • Dwelling: SOLD OUT!
D: Creative girl & helpers

The price of each card is $5 and includes postage no matter where in the world you live. When considering the price of these cards please keep in mind that ALL proceeds goes towards food and medical expenses for the cats.

E: Dwelling

To buy a card, simply place your purchase/donation via the Paypal button on the right of this page. When you leave your payment please remember to leave a message with the title of the card you wish (as listed under each image) and how many you want. And please PLEASE remember to enclose your full name (not blogging name) and your full postal address. If you have Paypal problems, just drop me an email and we'll figure something:

Each card comes neatly wrapped up in glassine paper. I hope you will enjoy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Enchanting Cookie

Just a brief update on Cookie's progress 6 days on...
First of all she is utterly enchanting and has us going goofy over who gets to cuddle her (she likes falling asleep in a safe pair of arms or tucked around a warm neck). She eats, sleeps,  uses her litter tray (she's such a clever girl!) and creates in us waves of giggles when she plays and makes levitational 180 degree leaps in the air. She is a super loving, content and harmonious little kitten. 

And for her eyes... well this remarkble progress surprises even me. I seriously did not know what to expect when I first found her. But her left eye seem to be healing beautifully whereas her right eye seem to have an ulcer suggesting she might be blind on this eye. But it's remarkable just how much both eyes have opened - and she is still on the healing path. Just scroll down and have a look at the last images from just a few days ago.

On another note - look out for the next fundraising project... will be back on these pages within 24 hours!!

AND... I can't even begin to describe how warmed and deeply encouraged I am at all your sentimented comments. The fact that these little lives matters in such a sweet way to so many other people... it gives God a reason to still believe in the good of mankind! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Living at Little Grey's grace

Just found!

No pun intended, but you might rightly rub your eyes at this image and say what??? 

This is the kitten I found  when I went in one of my searches for Little Grey's (ref. last post) kittens. Sadly I haven't found any of Grey's kittens but I heard this little girl cry out for help when I went looking again Friday morning. I heard her a little further down the road from the dumpsters and instantly ran towards the noise I heard. I soon discovered her lying in the side of the road and I was horrified at the state of her eyes. Where there used to be eyes there was just two huge "mud-cakes."  She is just about three weeks old and she was very bony. She had for sure been lost from her mom for some days. How she'd made it on her own remains a mystery. 

There was nothing I dared do with the state of her eyes so off to the vet I went. Whilst I waited for my turn, the veterinary nurse came with a vet tissue and confidently lifted the "cake" to reveal an unbelievable amount of puss. Even when the eyes themselves were revealed it was just two little wholes full of puss. It looked just horrible. Then the vet had a go - first flushing the dry mass and then using a thin tweezer gently pulling off the mass in little pieces. At last it was possible to flush the small remains of eyes. It appeared that the left eye might be ok but it was more questionable with the right eye.

She was very dehydrated and needed tube-feeding with an extra nutricious food, so we agreed that she would stay at the vet for the first 24 hours. The day after the state of her eyes looked more promising and she was eating well - so I brought her back home.

24 hours later

Just back home - and her beautiful tiny eyes are revealed. As you can see it's very red but we're working on it around the clock - giving her regular washes and antibiotic eye-cream. She's also having oral drops of antibiotics for a  sniffle - and she is having loads of rich food. It no longer needs to be put down her throat - she kind of suckles the "nipple-tube" very eagerly and she of course looks a complete mess afterwards. Then we have a great big clean and then she is ready to play.

48 hours later.

She didn't sleep easily the first day - it seemed she was very anxious of being abandoned. Whenever she fell asleep she would wake up very easily and would kind of need reassurance that we were right there. Then she would nod off again. 

- and again 48 hours later

Today she is relaxed, goofy and playful  - and she has got the cutest personality ever. Aren't you ready for your heart to be scooped up in a cup over these images?!!

I named her Cookie and I believe she lives at the grace of Little Grey. 

I will always think of Cookie having survived because of Little Grey. Had it not been for her loss I would not have gone on the outlook for kittens and there is no way Cookie would have survived.