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Monday, April 19, 2010

A buzz from Greece


So... I informed you that I was migrating, and here I am in a new part of the world (Greece) where today I was taking some photos, taking in the essence and the beauty of the land. 

When taking this picture, I did not see the bee (top right corner), but it obviously wanted to be in the picture, so when I discovered it I found it to be the perfect greeting to my friends and fellow bloggers.

Hope to be back into some internet access normality soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a way to advocate endangered species...


Just a small interim post logged from a one hour internet connection.

If you've visited before you'll know that I love stamps and fine writing, and I was truly gobsmacked by these exquisite envelopes from the Graceful Envelope Contest spotted over at Calligraphers

Well, if you want to pass a message why not do it in style?!! The bottom envelope reads:
"Take care to help insure the preservation of the nature world. Keep the air clearn Love all our creatures."


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Dear guests, friends and fellow bloggers

Over the next week I will be migrating to another part of the world and will therefore only be blogging and visiting your blogs sporadically. As I will be without internet access for a while, it will be whenever and wherever possible. 

I look forward to find inspiration and write about Gods little people from another part of the world and hope to see you back then.

'Till then... wishing that your days may be full of passion and blessings about what makes your heart tick.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

When a little help is needed


It might be a bit too obsessive for your liking, but if I see a bee in distress I'll try and help it. Like, if it is trapped inside I'll put a bit of honey on a tea-spoon to lure it on and then bring it outside. Or like today when I was in the garden and found a bee sat on the ground looking exhausted and rather despondent. Thought if I could get it's "pollen-seeking-codings" going it might regain some will to live and enough strength to fly off again. Only problem was that there's not really that many flowers around yet. A few snowdrops and a few crocusses, and I knew for a fact that the crocusses had been ransacked for pollen already. But then I remembered I'd cut a few branches from the plum tree a few days before and they were now in bloom indoor. So I went to get the vase and brought it outside and scooped Mr. Bee on top of one them. Sure enough... although a bit dizzy, he (sorry if it was a she!) instantly started to collect pollen. One flower after another. At some point he took off but only to land in the lawn a few metres away. He sat real still for a while as if to warm his furry little body in a ray of sunlight, but then suddenly took off again. This time I hope he made it back to his beehive!

Above, he is having a go at the plum blossoms.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

A God thing


Have you ever tried it - praying for God to show you a sign? And to experience that it actually happened!!?
It makes your hair stand up in sheer awe. Surely must have been what this lady experienced... Seems to me that animals are particularly receptive to hearing and responding to prayers!

California surfer received whale of an escort during marathon paddle
Story by Pete Thomas

When Southern California surfer Jodie Nelson set out Sunday to standup-paddle nearly 40 miles from Santa Catalina Island to Dana Point, she hoped it'd inspire her best friend, who has been involved in a long and exhausting struggle with breast cancer, to keep fighting.

Nelson, 34, whose mother and aunt are cancer survivors, also hoped her nine-hour test of endurance would raise money for two cancer charities and heighten awareness about a plight affecting millions of women.

What Nelson could not have known was that a 30-foot minke whale would swim alongside her 14-foot board and accompany the surfer as she stood and paddled for two of those nine hours, thus joining the cause.

"It was a day that all of us involved will never forget," Nelson said, in reference to Angela Robinson, her best friend, and the rest of a crew aboard an escort boat.

Minke whales are not commonly seen off Southern California, and those spotted by boaters are often elusive. So when a mammal Nelson named Larry joined her endeavor to become the first woman to make this long paddle, she took it as a sign.

"To me it was a total God thing," the San Clemente resident said. "We prayed at 4 that morning that God would reveal his beauty and creation and nature, and allow me to endure this long trek, so for me it's not such a huge surprise that this happened."

Larry did not merely swim close to Nelson. He rolled around repeatedly alongside her and blew bubbles beneath her board. A film crew was on the escort boat and CNN, Fox News and ABC are just some of the networks she says are interested in the story and footage.

Alisa Schulman-Janiger, an American Cetacean Society whale researcher, said minke whales can be friendly but added: "This type of quality encounter is highly unusual."

To support or read more about Jodie's mission go to
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Abundance of kindness


Over the years I've seen, read or heard many things about animals that I thought wasn't right. Therefore when I started this blog I knew wanted to write about kindness to animals, because as our co-inhabitants on this planet, they are just as entitled to feel what the magic and mystery of life on this planet is all about. Because how can they feel that if they live a life in misery, neglect or all the other things they too often suffer at human hands.

The obvious contradiction though is, that people who read this blog are humans with a concern and love for animals and hearts full of kindness. You don't need to tell them how to treat animals right. This blog should probably be considered more of a meeting place for those who are the living embodiment of treating animals kindly.

And talking of kindness... when I wrote a post a few weeks ago mentioning how much I love stamps, I instantly received a note from Such Life In The Tropics saying she would send me some stamps. And yesterday upon arriving back from a few days away, I found a lovely envelope with this card (above) and stamps from her. What a blessing to find such kindness from a seeming stranger. The more you look the more kindness you'll find in this world and it has so many wonderful "side-effects".

P.S. I believe Such Life In The Tropics should be the official representative of the Cayman Islands... what invaluable PR they're getting from her charming blog.